55 Gallon Tank Stand

This 55 Gallon Tank Stand is just one of many strong, sturdy and versatile iron aquarium stands made by Penn-Plax Inc.

This 55 gallon tank stand for aquarium displays is great for pet shops and museums as well as research use where everything needs to be open and observable.

Simple yet effective, a 55 gallon tank stand needs to really take on lots of weight and still be tall enough to be in eye view, and as many 55 gallon tanks are hard to clean, the iron stands made by Penn-Plax for example, come with a lower level for two separate ten gallon tanks.

Penn-Plax even sells divisors that turn the single 55 gallon tank into two 27.5 gallon tanks; in addition to the lower shelves, that makes a possible circuit of four environments.

For fresh or saltwater aquariums alike, the more filtration the better, no matter if the environmental balance is designed to be plant orientated for fish, plants, crustations, coral or all four, in separate environments to create a more sustainable system.

This 55 gallon tank stand is 15 inches deep, 48 inches wide and 29 inches high with a range of options available, such as environmental isolation, hand made ten gallon sumps, thermometers, heaters, pumps, tubing among other things and ismade from sturdy black iron that lasts the tests of time well.

Penn-Plax 55 Gallon Tank Stand was made to make the aquarist professionals life much easier for sales displays of quality fish, aquarium equipment or just basic research.

A 55 gallon tank stand will offer more options for spaces in saltwater or freshwater environments, where changing the water constantly is a hassle and using larger filtration or isolation systems is more effective or sustainable.

Any 55 gallon tank stand will do the trick, but longer lasting products are those that take on a larger amount of weight and still keep sturdy while supporting the main aquascape area for decades at a time.

55 gallon tank stands made from iron like those by Penn-Plax are some of the most economical options for both saltwater and freshwater aquarists alike, looking for reliability and long life in their 55 gallon tank stand.

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Posted in Stands on November 4, 2006.

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