Acrylic Tank Manufacturing

Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM) will do anything you need done for your acrylic aquarium, to any size or shape up to 50,000 gallons.

Design-Building acrylic aquariums that size anywhere from fifty to fifty thousand gallons, specifically custom designed and built to meet your every expectation on call, anywhere around the world, including specifics on life support and environmental equilibrium are all offered by Acrylic Tank Manufacturing , a world leader in exhibition acrylic aquariums for both home and business alike.

No matter if you represent a public aquatic zoo, university museum, restaurant, private home or even park, only the human imagination limit the possibilities with acrylic aquariums made by ATM, thereby being limitless.

Saltwater or freshwater aquariums that are custom designed and manufactured in Los Angles, California to suit your needs at the turn of a key is what Acrylic Tank Manufacturing has been about since it was first founded.

You have the desire for an aquascape that makes your space one of living art; ATM has the skills and resources to match your desire at a moments notice anywhere around the globe.

The professionals at ATM can travel anywhere in the world, supply technical and logistics support as well as plan everything you might need.

From creative planning stages, manufacturing, shipping, construction on location, to final touches, such as the ideal lighting andlife support conditions; blending comfort and beauty with healthy aquatic life that will live well, acrylic aquariums made by ATM do the job.

Acrylic aquariums, for any commerce that depends on clients, are the essence of performance art, focal points of comfort and quality service, an attraction unlike any other, they are sure to be dependable, durable and beautiful as well as an excellent investment while reselling.

Aquariums made from glass for instance can scratch and once cracked or broken will cost a fortune in replacement or repair, where as acrylic aquariums on the other hand can have the scratches easily buffered out and repair can be done with a couple of friends on the weekend and a little old fashioned know-how; raising the resell value 100%.

ATM is dedicated to using their talents to enhance the comfort of your environment with custom designs that range from cylindrical (seamless), pyramidal, hexagonal, oval, u-shaped, rectangular or any combination with virtually limitless possibilities including full cabinetry and carpentry skills.

Canopies, aquarium stands, sump cabinets and closets that can be hidden or exposed as desired with easy maintenance all custom tailored to fit your project.

Structural support, décor, chemistry, nutrition and the proper blend of aquatic life together in one balance of artificial marine or fresh water habitat for home or business is a work of art; one that is taken seriously and with a passion among those at ATM.

Acrylic saltwater aquariums are fascinating to everyone, as one of the deepest regions of our planet, not yet fully understood, a mystery that is sure to entice every visitor; a focal point for the imagination to soar and the heart to pulse in union with the ocean.

To the point of creating impossible dream-like settings, ATM has even built walk through tunnels with seamless onsite chemical bonding and hemispheres that bring the viewer into the aquarium itself.

ATM can even do glass work if you require it, whether it is tempered, laminated, low iron or anti-reflective, ATM can do it.

As a company that will Design-Build anywhere, ATM has done more than a thousand different exhibits the world over, from manufacturing to installation of underwater viewing panels, exhibit waterproofing and an eye for detail to customer service that is both efficient as well as immediate.

Acrylic aquariums, either for oceanscapes, tropical freshwater or any combination of possibilities from 50 gallons to 50,000 gallons, ATM will make your dreams come true through living aquatic art done in any acrylic form imaginable, on any location you choose at a moments notice.

Acrylic Tank Manufacturing
6125 Annie Oakley Dr.
Las Vegas, Nevada 89120
Phone: 702-387-2016

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