AquaC Protein Skimmers

If you are looking for an advanced filter, protein skimmers like the EV 120 Spray Injection Protein Skimmer made by AquaC maximize the exchange of gases while exporting organic wastes.

The EV 120 is perfect for placing in your sump, in line or next to it. The job of any protein skimmer is to create the smallest sized bubbles possible, while occupying the most space. This charges the water with oxygen and eliminates organic materials at the same time.

EV 120 has a reputation for its compact size, designed originally to sit at the bottom of any hidden sump. One of the most compact protein skimmers on the market for its size, no other skimmer on the market can create as much foam as AquaC EV 120 can for its size.

This spray injection protein skimmer is only 18 inches tall and with the raised gate valve of ten inches, the EV 120 continues with full performance, even with sump fluctuations.

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Posted in Skimmers on August 14, 2006.

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