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The Statement of Aquarium Decoration Interpreting Art

An aquarium decoration idea can range from an artificial reef shipwreck caused by an ancient sea dragon, to flamboyant florescent pink and yellow aquarium rocks with toy soldiers floating among plastic unicorns. The important thing to remember of course is that anything going into the aquarium must be hygienic and properly sterilized. Aquarium decoration for freshwater projects need far more attention and maintenance than saltwater aquarium projects do however, because a saltwater aquarium’s environment is far more chemically sensitive to biodiversity, temperature and overall chemistry, so the water should be changed as little as possible.

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Themes such as those telling the tales of the great war fought between Athens and the lost city of Atlantis 10,000 years ago on the boarders of the known world, or of Neptune’s rage among the great sailing vessels of the Renaissance with lost treasures protected by a guardian water dragon sleeping inside an old shipwreck. Aquarium decoration is used to tell stories, speak loudly our emotions or inspire the presence of thought and creativity. The hobby of marine biology is like any other that works with the hands and that”sempra-fi” attitude, and saltwater decorations tend to reflect that. Fresh water decoration is a little different, as it can change constantly but basically the idea is what is important, and that that initial idea is transmitted through an aquascape. To do this one must look long and hard into their own mind’s eye and request an answer to the enigma, “What do I want to say with this?”

Merely knowing what an aquarium decoration is for is not the end though. Hygiene is absolutely necessary. Whether it is a delicate saltwater environment, or freshwater, if an old Dragonlance Loftwyre action figure toy dragon scrounged from the neighbors garage sale is being used to represent the Thomas Hobbes Leviathan, and an old wooden replica of the Queen Anne’s Revenge with “Le Concorde de Nantes” etched delicately into the side of the prow for independent free market trade. This aquascape makes a very intellectually refined political statement, but unfortunately, wood does not make the best of decorations for onesolid reason… Hygiene. Be sure that they are scrubbed well and have absolutely no yucky crud on them. If the aquarium decorations are slippery or oily to the touch, then they still need to be properly cleaned more, because they should be squeaky to the touch with traction.

When dealing with saltwater aquarium decoration like artificial coral reef and historical shipwreck plastic toys, sterilization is the most important thing. About one table spoon of bleach for every five gallons of water should bethe perfect sterilization solution. Just immerse that ancient green dragon with long neck and penetrating aggressive expression into a bucket with an image of St. George in full plate-male armor, his dragon slayer lance and a flying citadel that looks like Neuschwanstein for 1 minute or so. Don’t leave the decorations too long in the solution, or else they can be bleached clean.

Even buying a new artificial reef, plastic aquarium dragon, or special buccaneer shipwreck, all aquarium decoration needs to be hygienic. The mind’s eye will tell of course what those possibilities are and what themes most complete the owners tastes. Improvising aquarium decorations is the more conventional way, by scrounging around in the garage or closet for an idea or two, but the best thing is to build an aquarium decoration that says or states something personal about the person or for the person to whom it is intended. Aquarium decoration with a shipwreck and flying white winter ice dragon, over an artificial reef isthe kind decoration that speaks through the language of art. The art of Aquascaping.

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