Baby biOrb

Baby biOrb is one of six different aquariums offered by the aquarium company biOrb (Biological Orbs) that offer a smaller tank experience, for office, kitchen or childrens aquariums.

Baby biOrb is the latest model in the series, and the prominent color is silver, however other colors are available, including amber, purple, lime green, bronze, black and blue.

The biOrb aquariums are all for freshwater fish, both thirty and sixty liters respectively and the tropical aquariums come with temperature control equipment including a heater.

All biOrb aquariums are made from a highly resistant strong crystal clear acrylic, all come with biOrb filtration systems that are external and easy to maintain.

As the ideal focal point for any Feng Shui or energy flowing internal decoration, any of the biOrb aquariums would be ideal.

The only difference among the six different models are the cylindrical biUbe and Baby biOrb.

  • BiOrb 30
  • BiOrb 30 Tropical
  • BiOrb 60
  • BiOrb 60 Tropical
  • BiUbe
  • BABY biOrb

BiUbe aquarium is 33.3 cm in diameter by 46cm high and holds 35 liters, while Baby biOrb is 30cm in diameter by 32 cm high and holds 15 liters.

While all biOrb aquariums come with everything they need to run, Baby biOrb itself comes with the bowl, halogen light, air pump, plug top 12 volt transformer, ceramic media, filter cartridge, bubble tube, airstone, tap water treatment and sample a sample pack of fish food.

For that look that inspires the peace and tranquil sound of purring, shifting water, Baby biOrb is a small 15 liter solution that comes with everything to just set up and go!

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Posted in Skimmers, Tanks on January 11, 2007.

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