Berlin Filtration System

Berlin Filtration SystemThe Berlin Filtration System is a method of cleaning saltwater aquariums by recreating the conditions for natural filtration: And adding failsafe filtration to avoid mishaps.
Along with a brief history of this method; this is how its done.

Many saltwater tank hobbyists as well as zoo aquariums around the world use the Berlin Filtration System. This system has been proven effective quite thoroughly.

These three components are:

  • Live Rock (LR) – Reef Rock that has fallen in ruble piles on the side of the reef opposite the closest shoreline. This is used to change ammonia naturally produced in the tank into nitrates/nitrites through providing a home for bacteria that perform this vital task.
  • A Protein Skimmer is a mechanical device that acts as a stabilizer. In nature the bacteria that live in dead cell oxygen free portions of a coral reef provide natural filtration by conversion of excessive biomaterial into gas. This process is easy to reproduce in the reef tank. However,in an enclosed tank; often fish and other biological life produce more biomaterial than a reef can process. The protein skimmer brings the balance back to the tank.
  • The Metal Halide Light provides the right amount of light that can be balanced with spectral light that is natural to the day and night environment of a coral reef.

Each aspect of the Berlin Filtration System has an interesting appeal to various peoples fascination and curiosity.

The natural balance of live rock filtration; mechanical precision of protein skimmer showing off the human potential for management in nature; or how spectral light can affect an ecosystem. Showing the human managerial mind how something as seemingly unconnected as the Sun and the small biology of macro organisms blend together in life sustaining synchronicity.

This filtration combination originated in Germany: The idea of this system is to rely as much as possible on the live rock, and natural diffusion to filter the tank.

The Berlin Filtration System is used by many hobbyists around the world to keep salt-water reef aquariums clean and clear.

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