Castle Aquarium Ornament

Castle Aquarium Ornaments are an outstanding way to excite the imagination of your children, with beautifully painted resin castles, wizards, dragons, sea creatures and sorceresses as well as illuminating crystal lights and sub lights.

Telling children stories before bedtime is a pastime that transcends even our western culture, people have been telling fairytales for as long as we have been a civilized race, and what better way to give your child excellent dreams of never-never land, than an enchanted underwater aquascape that enthralls the human imagination and flares even the deepest emotions with splendor?

The Age-of-Magic collection from Penn Plax offers one of the most superb aquarium ornament sets for enchantment on the market today, reminiscent of worlds like Dragonlance, Ravenloft, or even Tolkeins Silmarillion!

Penn Plax Age-of-Magic also has two kinds of complete 3.5-gallon castle aquarium starter kits, one for boys (Blue Knight) and one for girls (Pink Princess).

Anything from the Age-of-Magic collection is an enchanting way to give a fish bowl or aquarium tank renewed life, and a great way to enchant your childs imagination, into a world of dreamland that is unique; night after night.

The medium sized Enchanted Castle, for example is made of splendid craftsmanship, is perfect for fresh or saltwater, measuring 5l x 4w x 8h and shipping at 2 lbs.

Penn Plax Age-of-Magic Aquarium Ornaments are well made, well painted, well built of quality resin, and most importantly, are some of the more quality enchantment aquarium themes on the market, with majestic castles, archaic magic-users, deep sea guardians, mystic dragons and a realm of fairytales that have no end.

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Posted in Accessories on January 13, 2008.

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