Coral Reef DVD

Blu-ray Visions of the Sea: Explorations, is Coral Reef DVD for your home theater that takes the audience through the most cathartic moments of reef diving.

Action movies, romance, drama, thrillers and adventure; the home theater can be anything, take us to any time or dimension though the beauty and elegance of virtual reality, and Blu-ray takes advantage of that, to offer us, the experience of coral reef exploration.

One of the worlds elite undersea videophotographers and systems integrators, Anthony S. Lenzo takes the audience through the magical realm of color and a diverse ranges of exotic saltwater life, as is, in nature with only his amphibicam and himself, capturing a once in a lifetime experience, and sharing it with us all.

Advancing the art of high definition, bringing exotic coral reefs from natures wild into the comfort of ones own home theater, is like building a special, meditative space for weekend vacations to these exotic and rejuvenating locations that hold treasures, unlike any others in the world, without even going anywhere.

This DVD from HDScape, was filmed and directed by Anthony S. Lenzo, made for high definition screens, plasma, LCD, CRT, HDTV and DLP, with a 1.77:1 aspect ratio, a single disc, region one for Canada and US, format in color, dolby surround sound, for the widescreen, released in October of 2007, running 60 minutes.

Some of the most spectacular coral reefs on the planet; The Bahamas, Honduras, Bonaire and Fiji, Anthony S. Lenzo takes his trusty camera into the depths of the untamed elements of Tridents Kingdom, for first-person explorations into visions of the sea, that we can now watch in the comfort of our own living room.

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Posted in Gadgets on February 16, 2008.

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