Coralife Bio-Balls

These 9000 units of Coralife Bio-Balls come in bulk packaging, together will occupy 4.5 cubic feet in your wet/dry sump and will serve a fish tank or pond of up to 2400 gallons.

Measuring only 1 inch in diameter, 225 of these bio-balls can take care of anywhere between 45 and 60 gallons of thriving aquarium water.

Bioballs have an advantage over traditional biological media, in that they were designed to maximize biological filtration in less space, to achieve a healthier aquarium environment in either fresh or saltwater marine aquariums.

One gallon (225) of bioballs has a surface area of about 21.5 square feet due to their spherical nature, allowing air pockets and surface areas to benefit from the most efficient amounts of oxygen and water to flourish.

This bulk package contains 9000 one-inch diameter bio-balls, will occupy as little as 4.5 cubic feet of wet/dry sump space and take care of 2400 gallons of appropriately populated aquarium water.

Coralife Bio-Balls (Bulk) gives you more biological filtration for more heavily populated aquariums, keeps the water clear, the environment healthy and takes up far less space in your wet/dry sump.

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Posted in Filters on March 23, 2007.

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