Fish Aquarium Stands Custom Built From Wood

Fish aquarium stands are aesthetic supports and enclosures for displaying both freshwater and marine life aquarium tanks. Mainly aquarium stands are used to display underwater worlds as an attraction to any room, restaurant, garden or museum and house the many different pumps, heaters, filters, pieces of equipment and food that a tank needs for maintenance. Doing-it-yourself (DIY) aquarium stands are ideal for those interested in getting exactly that certain look to their tank, especially when they have already chosen the place where the tank will go and know the theme. Wood is an excellent building material, is cheap and usually makes the building process far more versatile and long lasting, not to mention more visually appealing and emotionally fulfilling.

DIY Aquarium StandCustom fish aquarium stands can be made for either saltwater or freshwater, but saltwater aquarium tanks need more hiding places than freshwater because the world of marine biology is far more delicate and complex. The stand is actually a part of the tank, however more often considered an accessory, without an aquarium stand, it gets really difficult to maintain a saltwater aquarium. Essential parts and pieces like, the sump and other filters, heater, cooler, pumps, refugium, lighting and hood, have traditionally been DIY projects and all need to be subtly hidden inside the stand while still being easily accessible.

Why is do-it-yourself building the best way? Because a do-it-yourselfer knows what they are going to be working with and exactly where the fish aquarium stands will go. In the very beginnings of marine biology, when the very first marine aquariums were being built by students and researchers of the oceans deep, everything was done by ones own self. Back in the early 20th century, it wasn’t possible to just go down to the local aquarist and buy all the equipment ready made. Sumps were the very first filters for those kinds of aquariums and due to their do-it-yourself nature, sumps tend to be really ugly to most people who don’t know anything about marine ecosystems (for passionate marine biologists however every new sump is a mystery to be unlocked and understood). For that reason and others, such as the size of a tank, aquarium stands need to hide accessories in an aesthetic yet practical way (such as when the aquarist wants to show off his sump to other enthusiasts). One of the cheapest building materials and also most beautiful, is wood.

Fish aquarium stands built from wood can be done by ones self, all that is needed is the proper motivation, imagination and discipline. First the aquarist must have a good idea of what they are going to build in their mind’s eye. That means knowing exactly what the size of the tank is going to be, where it is going to go, the theme and everything that it is supposed to hide and/or show off. Putting some scratch notes down on paper and then going over them manually a couple of times is a great way to start out. Getting a bunch of scratch notes and scribble designs down on paper is probably the most important part of design, because once measurements start, the designs start to kind of solidify themselves. Knowing a little bit about carpentry can be a good idea, but just being detailed and meticulous about using a ruler and mechanical pencil when drawing the plans like a geometry project is what it is mostly about. Get the measurements correct and go through the whole process of building in the mind’s eye, then do it yourself or find a craftsman to help. Note: It is preferable to have someone who knows about woodworking to build or help you with a stand, it will have to hold hundreds of pounds depending on the size of the tank.

Fish aquarium stands are for hiding, the tank, sump, lighting, pump, refugium, food, equipment…etc. Aquarium stands were always DIY projects in the past, just know the size and purpose of the tank, where it will go and the ideal theme and doing it by ones self is the best way. Building a custom design DIY aquarium stand from wood can be affordable and fulfilling. The aquarium stands need to be well planned out in the mind’s eye, put down on paper, measured and drawn. Getting materials for aquarium stands at the local hardware store is efficient and easy once the plans are detailed, cutting and building is the part that take discipline and a little hard work.

A husband and wife build and nice looking aquarium stand.

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