Eheim Ecco Series Filters

There are three models available for the Eheim external canister filters Ecco Series, small (25 gallons), medium (50 gallons) and large (75 gallons).

All three models of the Eheim Ecco series filters are self-priming with a quick release cover, and a multi-functional handle.

Ecco 35 Gallon Filter
Ecco 60 Gallon Filter
Ecco 80G Gallon Filter

The smaller Ecco holds three liters of saltwater at a time while the medium will hold four and the larger five.

Each pump will push more amounts of water, with the smaller one pushing 400 liters an hour, the middle one 500 and the larger one 600 liters total.

The dimensions on these three models are small (205 x 298), medium (205 x 355) and large (205 x 416)

Removable media containers help make this series easily customizable with three stage filtration for optimal performance; mechanical, biological and chemical.

The media is included with all three sizes and along with a decent two or three year guarantee, boasting the name Eheim is a tradition that goes back more than forty years with a passion for canister filters since the worlds first was ever invented.

As one of the worlds undisputed leaders in high quality filters, pumps and technical accessories for the entire aquarium industry, Eheim canister filters pursue constantly renewing standards in fish keeping.

Eheim Ecco is one of Eheims more innovative products; developed especially for the saltwater aquarium hobbyist that likes to experiment with easily modifiable sump configurations in an aesthetically pleasing external filter.

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Posted in Filters on August 24, 2006.

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