Fluval 5 Series

The Fluval 5 Series are a collection of self-contained external sump filters for large saltwater aquariums with style.

As with all traditional sump filters, those who want to experiment and improvise with different filtration patterns or media, will find that the Fluval 5 Series provides both the freedom to improvise as desired or just use out of the package as desired in a container that is both aesthetically pleasing as well as practical.

The Fluval 5 Series of External Canister Filters have a complete multi-stage filtration system with a modular design allowing for quick and easy maintenance that can be as versatile as the most basic or custom media configurations.

With instant priming, lift-lock clamps and an Aqua-Stop feature that impedes water flow without even disconnecting hosing, they run on 60 Hz, are included with media and have a quality guarantee of 3-years.

The 105 , 205 , 305 and 405 models all come in either black or silver, use 110 volts, include ribbed hosing and 2 Foam as well as being UL approved:

Fluval 105 External Filter – Handles up to 100 liters of saltwater aquarium water and comes with 1 x Carbon (70 g) and 1 x Glass Biomax (200 g).

Fluval 205 External Filter – Handles up to 200 liters of saltwater aquarium waterand comes with 2 x Carbon (70 g) and 2 x Glass Biomax (200 g).

Fluval 305 External Filter – Handles up to 300 liters of saltwater aquarium water and comes with 3 x Carbon (70 g) and 3 x Glass Biomax (200 g).

Fluval 405 External Filter – Handles up to 400 liters of saltwater aquarium water and comes with 4 x Carbon (70 g) and 4 x Glass Biomax (200 g).

Fluval FX5 External Filter – Different from the other models, the FX5 was designed to handle professional sized saltwater aquariums, of up to 1,500 liters.

It is black with orange fringes, has a self-priming instant-start system that siphons on its own as well as a quick-fit AquaStop valve that automatically regulates water flow that makes for both a leak proof maintenance and a fast set-up.

Using 120 V, at 60 Hz, this filter takes 50 W to process a maximum of 3,500 liters of saltwater per hour. Only 17 inches high and 16 inches wide, six foam filters are included.

Depending on the size of saltwater aquarium you are using, the Fulval 5 Series External Canister Filters come ready for 100, 200, 300, 400 and 1,500 liters, are practical, efficient and most of all, aesthetically pleasing to the eye, while allowing you total freedom in the art of sump filtration, that has always been the mark of ocean aquarists.

Want to take a look at the Fluval 05 Series Manual? (requires adobe reader)

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Posted in Filters on August 28, 2006.

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