Foam Fractionation Protein Skimmer

When there is too many fish and there are more nitrates in the water than the rock can convert. The process of foam fractionation protein skimming (US Patent 5484525) needs to be done.

A protein skimmer removes waste produced by fish and invertebrates that in a non-contained reef would naturally be filtered out.

A protein skimmer is the second tool in the Berlin Filtration System.

Protein skimmers come in various sizes, all dependent on the needs of your tank.

The cylinder has a mechanism that floods the water chamber with air bubbles.

This mechanism used varies from one product to the next. Different kinds of valves, a pressured water pump, or air stones are used.

Some of the more popular models are Nautilus TE-in-Sump Protein Skimmer, Red Sea Berlin Airlift 60 Internal Protein Skimmer (60gal), Prizm Skimmer – Deluxe – 9 34 in. x 5 34 in. x 13 34 in, and Visi Jet.

Looking at what each company has to offer for the size talk you are working with, along with how many living creatures your tank will be hosting are key things to keep in mind.

The foam fractionation protein skimmer balances out what your growing reef rock cannot. They help keep tanks clear and looking great for many years to come.

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Posted in Filters on October 15, 2008.

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