Freshwater And Marine Aquarium Magazine

For the novice aquarist looking to build their first freshwater tank and begin their insight into the professional aquarist realm, to the advanced saltwater aquarist looking to breed clown fish or cultivate AIDS-inhibiting substances from coral, Freshwater and Marine Aquarium Magazine is a monthly publication with a diverse range of aquarists articles that really make a difference.

First published in 1978, Freshwater And Marine Aquarium (FAMA) is one of the oldest circulating aquarium magazines in the country, originally published by R/C modeler until 2005, now a BotTie Inc. holding, it still thrives with fresh and interesting information as well as inspirational articles for the novice.

FAMA can be downloaded online in less than two minutes post-purchase or with a twelve- month subscription.

While this magazine will usually only ship within the US, it is possible to get an international subscription directly from the main site. 

Freshwater and Marine Aquarium (FAMA) covers chemistry, lighting, breeding information, feeding information, fish health, marine and freshwater tank maintenance and setup, freshwater husbandry, planted tank maintenance and setup aside from a variety of other informational topics.

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Posted in Books on April 6, 2008.

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