Halide Light for Reef Aquarium

A Halide light is designed to add natural oceanic spectrum filtering.

Various aquatic-life need a certain spectrum to thrive. Other spectrums will kill certain species.

Having light that encourages species that are desirable, and kills species that are not; is a difficult scale to balance.

The Watt Metal Halide reef tank light is ideal for supplying the correct spectral light in the right amount. This supports reef life in hobbyist tanks.

This light is not dissimilar from most halide light sources manufactured for the reef aquarium spectral light needs.

This light is a 448-watt output lamp that puts out two different kinds of light. The seconds is actinic blue T5 out put. This accent of light is perfectly set to produce the right light needed to have a healthy and visually appealing reef tank ecosystem.

The wattage on this particular model is 400 for the Halide portion, with the lamp located in the middle. The T5 contribution is divided into two portions that each put out 24 watts and are set at a perfect angle in order to blend with light emitted by the Halide lamp.

This lamp can be wired to a timer that will turn your light on and off to simulate the affects of day and night on the reef. This model is a perfect example of how the halide lamp is used to add the right light to many saltwater aquatic reef tanks.

Halide lights for reef tanks are integral to the contentment of aquatic life being able to go about their lives undisturbed by the change from the sea, to the sea tank aquarium. Investing in a quality halide light is a smart thing to do!

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Posted in Accessories on October 16, 2008.

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