Hippocampus Kuda Seahorse

Yellow Hippocampus Kuda SeahorseThe Hippocampus Kuda seahorse A.K.A Yellow Seahorse or Spotted Seahorse is fantasy crossing over into reality. This very real creature reminds us of surreal fantasy confirming human faith in our imagination.

Taking care of the sea horse is easy if you are responsible and ALWAYS aware of the optimal conditions that ensure their survival in your home aquarium.

They look like a horse, a dragon, a leviathan, a myth that is real every time we look into the tank again to be amazed by them.

They dance in the water, and in our marine aquariums this dance is more pronounced.

When we see two of them together as a couple we often imagine them kissing, and forming a romantic heart, or ringing giant land horse size versions through the underwater coral and seaweed labyrinths.

The hippocampus kuda is the most common seahorse in household aquariums.

Watch a some yellow hippocampus kudas dance in this video

Seahorses often die while being shipped from online providers; they will arrive in the store at around three inches long and will grow to about twelve inches while in your care.

Some of these amazing creatures are tank bred, while others are absconded from the oceans, or a sea. From any resource these creatures never cease to please.

Like all other aquamarine life, the sea horse hippocampus kuda need to not be overwhelmed with ammonia in a tank. Properly applying live sand, live rock, or both allows beneficial bacteria to colonize that create nitrite and nitrate out of the ammonia.

A protein skimmer will remove excess waste and food debris form the saltwater reef aquarium allowing your seahorse population to thrive.

King Neptune, Calypso, and Imaja will be grateful that you’re taking good care of their heard and in the night time the gods and goddesses of the deep, may choose your extension of the ocean, to come and joy ride these majestic horses of the sea.

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Posted in Fish on October 27, 2008.

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