Instant Sea Salt Mix

Instant Sea Salt Mix is the fastest way for the aquarist to create saltwater for her or his marine aquarium.

Most mixes are nitrite and phosphate free.

Sea salt mix is used by home enthusiasts, research facilities, and many tourist aquariums.

One example of this is Instant Ocean. This company has been stocking retail shelves with sea salt mix for over forty years running.

This choice is often the best option for people who dont have a resource for clean natural sea water. The common acronym doesn’t form a word, so the common abbreviation is NSR. Natural sea runoff. Other sources call it NSW. The w standing water.

Often this choice is better than mixing fresh water and commercial salt mix.

If collecting NSR/ NSW is for you, be sure not to confuse clean water with brackish water.

To avoid this dont collect ocean water from estuary rivers or streams. Collect it from the open ocean, or ocean breach water.

If this isn’t readily available, then instant ocean or some other salt water mix is what is necessary.

Read the packaging mineral content clearly. The residents of your indoor reef have balanced parameters that they live in. Testing the water that is going to have the instant sea salt mixed in is important. This will help avoid any unexpected surprises that might kill the fish, and the initial fish investment budget.

Instant sea salt mix makes maintaining a reef aquarium a much simpler past time to maintain with skill.

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Posted in Accessories on November 4, 2008.

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