Live Rock

Live Aquarium RockWhen bits of coral rock are knocked off, crack away, or are pulled free naturally discarded on the ocean floorthen colonized by microbes, and other macroscopic organisms. The complete piece is live rock.

Live rock is commonly abbreviated as LR.

LR is also referred often loosely, causing a misnomer blanket term for all LR rather than a type that falls in a specific side of a reef in relation to the closest shoreline. to as reef rock.

The rock is actually the remains of long dead coral. It is only alive when other creatures utilize the whole rock as a home.

Live rock, LR, reef rock come from true stony corals.

Different types of sea life will take over the rock based on where the rock settles.

The reef rock that land in rubble zones outside the reef are not at densely covered. This rock is better for building a reef in a salt-water fish tank.

Shore rock will be covered by other species like shrimp, and small clams. The point being that the larger creatures are still mobile.

Coral rock sold as live rock with sea fans or permanent life, is not live rock. Live rock (reef rock) undergoes a rigorous, burying, unearthing and reburying from deep-sea tides, pressures and storms.

Any life is transient. Purchasing this type of illegally acquired rock only depletes the natural reef, which is both wrong, and illegal.

The cross lattice of rock types can be defined as:

Reef Rock (the type that fall in the outer reef areas. And have sponges, as well as red, pink, and purple coralline algae) these are considered the best seeding rocks.
Shore Rock (which falls and settles between the reef and the shore. They are full of life, but many hobbyists feel that these rocks inhibit a tanks progress due to all the feeders involved)
Dead Rock (This rock has no life in, or on it. Many hobbyists use this rock by it takes longer to accomplish a growth goal in a reef tank)

There are two additional categories:
Plant Rock
Anemone Rock

Live rock is an interestingly colorful way that many hobbyists create reefs in their salt-water aquariums.

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