Magnum Hang-on Tank Filter

Magnum hang-on tank filter is the perfect thing for the aquarist looking to keep the water well polished and clean without having to change the tank water so frequently.

This high quality tank filter, compact hang-on aquarium filter comes with a two in one option, of mechanical/carbon filtration that does an efficient job of polishing water to that crystal clean quality.

250 gallons per hour, with dual flow, completely self-contained, easy to maintain and easy to move around for aquarium shows and can be for either saltwater or freshwater fish tanks.

Just a simple snap-lock and the leak proof connectors completely eliminate the traditional need for hoses and tubes.

Also known as Hot Magnum, this aquarium filter has an almost silent motor with electronics safely encapsulated in epoxy and was designed for lightweight strength that is durable and long lasting.

The whole kit comes with Carbon/Media container, Rite-Size foam sleeve, reusable pleated micron cartridge, Black Diamondpremium activated carbon, efficiency intake strainer, split-flow diffuser, snap-lock connectors, stainless steel hanger and a cleaning brush.

The canister itself measures 5W x 6D x ½H, the external canister is only 4.5 deep and it comes with an eight foot power cord.

With a two-year guarantee, Hot Magnum hang-on fish tank ships at 4.3 pounds.

Magnum hang-on tank filter keeps water crystal clear, the same quality aquascapes use to ensqual our shore dwelling senses; billowing our minds eye into the imaginary realm of Neptunes depths, at but a single magical glance.

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Posted in Filters on February 25, 2007.

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