Marine Fishes by Scott W. Michael

Marine Fishes is a pocket guide to easily understanding different saltwater aquarium fish available on the market with colored photos and quick reference information on care and maintenance that save money and energy.

Scott W. Michael is also author of Marine Invertebrates and the two books together are excellent for those looking to build a reef aquarium environment.

Marine Fishes gets down to the nitty-gritty of this inspiring hobby, focusing on 500 different fish and only on most relevant information for each one, including photo, scientific name, common name, max size, minimum suggested aquarium size/suitability, reef compatibility, care and maintenance tips.

This 447 page paperback measures 7.1 x 4.5 x 0.9 and ships at 1.15 pounds, recommended as the perfect choice for choosing the species you want in your novice marine aquarium.

Marine Fishes by Scott W. Michael shows that pictures speak a thousand words, but only a few really count when it comes to choosing your saltwater aquarium fish for the very first time without a sales pitch.

Marine Fishes is what every first-time saltwater aquarium hobbyist should have on call before spending time or money; keeping our seascapes just that much more self-reliant and fun.

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Posted in Books on March 8, 2007.

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