Mermaids Fan Plant

Mermaids Fan Plant originated in the Caribbean. This is the region where much of the commercial plant supply is harvested to market.

This calcareous algae stores calcium in its tissue: This is the reason that making sure that the saltwater aquarium has enough calcium is important.

Mermaids Fan Plants are generally considered a hardy plant that the majority of fish steer clear of eating.

Pruning is not a good idea either. Any pruning can be highly damaging to Mermaid Fan Plants.

Mermaid fan plants are part of the Halimeda family.

This is the same family as the Halimeda Money Plant. So, many of the plants needs are similar, even if the shape is completely different.

Some the similarities that Mermaid Fan Plants share with others species are the Mermaid Fan Plants need for trace iron, large quantities of calcium and low tolerance for nitrate & phosphate.

The water condition requirements of the Mermaid Fan Plant are also very similar to that of other species in the Halimedaceae family. The pH level in the tank should be set for between 8.1-8.4. The temperature should be approximately between 78 72 F.

Mermaids Fan plants are often found around off the Caribbean cost of Central America, reaching as far into the Atlantic Ocean as the Bahamas.

Mermaids fan is sometimes confused with Frilly fan, or green fan; But the frilly fan, and or green fan is a part of the Udoteaceae Family.

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