The Simple Guide To Mini-reef Aquariums

The Simple Guide To Mini-reef Aquariums is a straightforward approach to basic small saltwater reef aquarium keeping with coral, perfect for those looking to get into the hobby on a small scale and getting it right the first time.

Certainly, when dealing with saltwater environments, a smaller aquarium, means less diversity, thus hobbiest/columnist and author of this book Jeffrey Kurtz provides key information on the easiest and most common reef inhabitants, species and how to take care of them in a more sustainable way.

Changing the water in a saltwater environment all the time is not healthy for the inhabitants, so techniques like identifying problems before they start, initial setup, light routines, stable temperatures, stable chemical balances and efficient filtration, all go into making sure the water stays clear and the tank dwellers remain healthy.

Kurtz breaks all that information down into edible pieces, indicating the use of modern advancements in marine technology, so that getting into this hobby for the first time is both easy and fun.

What are the most common species in a reef aquarium, how and where should the tank be setup, what kind of simple routines and maintenance will help identify and solve potential problems and how can the caretaker better learn to nurture, sustain and grow a mini reef in a safe way?

This book answers these kinds of questions by providing expert do-it-yourself knowledge for those looking to bring the mysteries of undersea magic into the comfort of their office or home.

The secret to keeping the mini-reef aquarium healthy is detailed observation, beyond the normal daily feeding. Keeping checks on the water quality once or twice a week and making sure that the chemical balance is suitable.

Aside from making quick work of all the normal precautions dealt with in marine aquariums, the small reef aquarist will find that this book also helps with the most important aspect of all, understanding the inhabitants ecosystem in an intimate way.

If the beginning marine hobbiest is ready and willing to take time to learn about the aquarium and those living inside, the mini-reef will grow healthy and strong, along with the knowledge and understanding of the hobbiest themselves.

This 200-page paperback, written by Jeffrey Kurtz, was published by TFH in February of 2005, measuring 8.7 x 8.4 x 0.5, ships at 1.2 lbs and was written to help more people find that kind of knowledge and understanding that only keeping a coral reef aquarium can bring.

The Simple Guide to Mini-reef Aquariums opens the realm of marine aquarium keeping to a wider range of enthusiasts just starting out, making use of recent discoveries in modern technology to help distribute thissacred knowledge of oceanic wonders in such a way, that almost anyone dreaming of coral and crustaceans in their living room will be not only successful, but enlightened.

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Posted in Books on November 21, 2007.

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