Nano Cube Aquarium

Nano Cube Aquarium 24 Gallon is a ready to go, self-contained aquarium that comes with all the needed extras for a beginner of ten years old and up.

Just add water and fish, the rest is already done by the manufacturer.

Nano Cube Aquarium is the perfect item for learning about aquarium care and maintenance, while hobbying in your own business reception, office, restaurant or even right in the living room.

Any indoor space can be enhanced with the special effect of gently moving water, Nano Cube Aquarium is that Feng Shui effect for the practical.

Nano Cube Aquarium is 18×19.7×19.6 inches in dimension and weighs 38 pounds. A complete kit for both fresh and saltwater environments, Nano Cube Aquarium even comes with a free stand.

Nano Cube 24 Gallon, even comes with moonlights allowing an LED to provide nighttime viewing that does not disturb the fish, plants or coral.

Nano Cube Aquarium is a unique 24-gallon glass aquarium, rounded at the corners for a sleek, acrylic look, but still heavy-duty and scratch free.

A submersible pump keeps aeration and circulation at optimum levels 24 hours a day, recirculating the whole 24 gallons over nine times a day.

Depending on the chosen aquarium environment needs, especially saltwater aquariums, chosing the right lighting can be a chore, not so with Nano Cube Aquarium.

Nano Cube Aquarium is prepared with 36-watt, 50/50 compact fluorescent actinic and day lighting, ideal for even corals and/or invertebrates as desired upon first time ever aquascaping.

Operated by a UL approved remote ballasts, the bulbs have a Japanese pin arrangement, and the flip-top canopy makes for simpler feeding access, maintenance and safety from cats.

Nano Cube Aquarium comes with two cooling fans to make sure the lighting system does not effect environmental temperatures beyond the recommended levels for each given aquatic environ chosen.

Nano Cube Aquarium 24 Gallon was designed to give the user all the freedom in aquascaping their own aquaticenviron, either saltwater or freshwater as desired, providing all the techwork with hardware specifically for almost any possibility within the 24 gallon range.

Nano Cube Aquarium is non-returnable, unless damaged upon arrival due to its delicate nature, but with all the equipment needed to start your very own salt/freshwater aquarium aquascape; now!

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Posted in Tanks on November 28, 2006.

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