Octagon Coffee Table Aquarium

The stretched Octagon Coffee Table Aquarium is a 28 Gallon ready to use self-contained aquatic environment that arrives all ready to just add water, fish, plants/reefs and display.

An innovative, indoor aquatic vista, this Octagon Coffee Table Aquarium is the ideal thing for the home living room, clubs, restaurants, boutiques, receptions or even office building lounges; the imagination knows best.

A black acrylic pedestal is the resting support for this coffee table aquarium, illuminated from below a blue bed of glass gravel, making a friendly and almost enchanting view from above that relaxes the mind and body.

Pump, lighting decorative plants, two-stage submersible filter pump and solid, break resistant top makes for an enjoyable aquarist activity that provides a minimal challenge in upkeep and maintenance.

The octagon style of coffee table aquarium (model 680) is 38 inches long, 20 inches wide and 15 and a half inches tall with a heavy-duty tempered glass top.

The octagonal coffee table aquarium top is expressively contoured in an oblong shape that extends 45 inches long, 26 inches wide and is three eighths of an inch thick glass for even the worst beatings, that scratches only with something as hard as diamonds.

Coffee table aquarium is a total of 80 pounds of sturdy craftsmanship made by hand.

Self-contained, supporting both salt and fresh water aquascapes as preferred by the owner; this versatile 28 gallon coffee table aquarium is a medium challenge, preferable for those already with a little aquarium experience.

The ready to go nature is what most gives the aquarist freedom to design the environment of her or his choice, leaving the technical specs up to the aquarium manufacturer.

Coffee table aquarium is a great challenge for those aquarists with a little experience, while giving you all the freedom for aquascaping the environment with whatever fish or plants, tropical/reef/tempered climates as desired.

The Octagon Coffee Table Aquarium is a fast and easy way to get down to real aquarium work with style.

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Posted in Tanks on November 28, 2006.

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