ProClear Aquatics Bio-Balls

This bulk package of ProClear Aquatics Bio-Balls comes with 3000 units. each bioball 1.5 inches in diameter and together will take care of a little more than between 600 to 800 gallons of aquarium water.

ProClear BioBalls are basically blue discs with prongs that make them spherical like in nature, thereby offering excellent surface area for the growth of beneficial aquariumbacteria with ample spaces for oxygen in any wet/dry biological sump filtration system.

For saltwater or freshwater aquariums or ponds, filled with fish, coral or invertebrates alike, these bioballs will keep your aquarium water crystal clear and healthy, processing ammonia and nitrates into breathable substances that your aquarium pets will enjoy.

Like most biological filters, bioballs should come with a prior mechanical filtration system.

But any small materials, shouldnt be a problem for bioballs geometric design because they naturally tend to avoid clogging, with both ample spaces for oxygenation and surface area for bacterial growth alike.

ProClear Aquatics Bio-Balls are a natural and effective way to take care of dirty fish aquarium or pond water, avoiding clogging; this bulk quantity comes with 3000 units and will filter between 600 and 800 gallons safely; keeping your aquascape impeccable.

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Posted in Filters on March 23, 2007.

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