Python Fishtank Cleaner

Python fishtank cleaner is called NO SPILL CLEAN and FILL because it is an easy to use aquarium maintenance system that was designed to minimize the stress impact on both the fish and owners during water changes, maintaining an overall clear and cleaner aquarium while conserving both energy and water.

Python fishtank cleaner does all the hard water changing work for you, avoiding spills, making cleaning a snap and filling without heavy bucket trips back and forth from the sink.

Its really just a very effective vacuum hose system that directs and redirects water by using the water pressure (7:1 ratio) in the faucet to empty or fill your tank as necessary.

Python fishtank cleaner uses no more water than a simple toilet flush would, and in the long run conserves far more water than when the traditional bucket filling and dumping method is used (and just think, no more back-pain or messy floor to clean up!).

Just think like a freshwater fish for a moment, they enjoy large open ponds where there are large varieties of plants to keep the water cleansed and oxygenated while the fish happily supply nutrient rich pond water to the plant soil; a system in constant give and take.

But in an aquarium, that just cant happen without a major investment in such a confined and controlled aquatic space.

So the water must be changed on a regular basis, to ensure the same quality oxygen rich aquarium water in the wild, but yet, still remain crystal clear for that poetic human expression of aquatic art.

Python fishtank cleaner makes this possible with the NO SPILL aquarium maintenance system whose ready to use kit comes with all parts for standard faucets and a ten inch gravel tube for cleaning.

The different hose lengths available include 10, 20, 25, 50, 75 and 100 feet respectively.

The 10 and 20 foot models being extension, the 25 foot a standard model, while 50, 75 and 100 foot models are all more case specific (as those are normally more for commercial needs.

Along with the accessories that are available for the NO SPILL CLEAN and FILLÆ from Python, this fishtank cleaner can make household aquariums, a whole lot more fun for everyone at home.

Python fishtank cleaner is a revolutionary product for a more self-reliant future that is practical about conserving energy and water.

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Posted in Gadgets on February 25, 2007.

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