Saltwater Aquarium DVD

Blu-ray has designed a Saltwater Aquarium DVD to transform your entertainment center into a meditative space, with the illusion of having an exotic saltwater aquarium, in the place of your widescreen.

Not everyone has the time or money to keep their very own saltwater aquarium, and to do so, means dedicating hours and hours to this passion, but what about those of us, who have no intention of ever actually building our own, tanks, yet, really do enjoy them, Blu-ray has brought a modern solution to the home theater.

The most social spot in the home, our own personal movie theater, is always a place of relaxation, and with this DVD, it can become far more than that, it can become a place of inspiration and spiritual replenishment, taking us beyond catharsis, and into a virtual experience of peace and tranquility.

Just plug and play. Thats all there is to this item. But the time, money and work saved in comparison to keeping a similar saltwater aquarium, or actually going out into the ocean for such an experience, makes it a collection of precious spiritual moments, that would be the domain of only the director, if he had not put this astonishing DVD together to share his wealth of experience with the rest of us.

Hdscapes Richard Diercks directs a color, Dolby 5.1 surround sound, widescreen, in 1.77:1 ratio, 1080p, region one for US and Canada only, produced by DVD International, released in October of 2007, running 90 minutes, with five different tank settings and four audio tracks as well as looping ability and it is perfect for high definition plasma, LCD, CRT or DLP HDTV.

Transform you home theater into a vast underwater temple, where sharks, living coral, predators, nautilus and classical settings will blend at your whim with the sounds of natural bubbles, relaxation, seascape, Beethoven, Vivaldi, Chopin and Mozart in an exotic saltwater aquarium from Blu-ray that brings Neptunes realm into the comfort of your own home, virtually.

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Posted in Gadgets on February 16, 2008.

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