Saltwater Aquarium Tank

What is a Saltwater Aquarium Tank?

Essentially, the Saltwater aquarium tank is the physical housing in which the hobbyist confines an artificial ecosystem, of marine life. The saltwater aquarium tank can be made of many materials, but mostly acrylic, glass and wood are the commonly commercialized products that integrate the tanks physical structure, design, shape and size. Other options of materials are as wide ranged as the fertile kingdom of human imagination, but aside from the main housing, the tank also has parts, such as the refugium, the stand and the hood or canopy. To be complete however; no tank can be useful, without equipments, such as pumps, silencers, heaters, CO2 injectors, coolers and filters.

The saltwater tank, is not just an artificial reconstruction of marine habitat, the saltwater tank is like a flashing glimpse of one simple piece of mother natures underwater beauty. The ocean is a place so foreign to land animals such as humans, we so desire to understand the mysteries of the ocean that we build transparent walls of acrylics and glass. We build reinforcement around the edges and below from treated woods and metals. Many designs appear, such as the wall aquarium that hides itself between the confines of a barrier, thereby demonstrating the nature of our distance from Poseidon’s realm.

As 11,000 years ago, when according to Plato’s dialogues (Critias and Timaeus); the god of the sea punished the Atlanteans by swallowing their advanced civilization into the hidden depths of his world. As do we today with the external parts of the aquarium tank. Hidden from the open eye, such items as the hood and the canopy have the role of confining unnatural lighting. While the stand of the saltwater tank, is used to disguise everything else that it needs to maintain its delicate balance. A stand could also hide the refugium; an extension of the aquarium itself, used to confine certain elements without completely removing them from the environment, as refugiums use the same water as the tank itself.

But as humankind is but a shadow of the true god of the sea, it can only hope to one day achieve such perfection as the sea itself. Thus the need for devices and equipment that can do the same jobs done by Mother Nature herself. Equipment such as the pump for moving air bubbles around in the tank’s saltwater, help oxygen needy organisms breath and survive. Filters to keep the water clean, CO2 injectors for large amounts of plant life, heaters and coolers as needed according to desired tank water temperature, can all be stealthily hidden away under the stand or behind the wall that keeps concentration focused on the illusion of the enchanting aquascape inside the microcosm of the saltwater aquarium tank.

The saltwater aquarium tank is a moving image of a world untouchable by human lungs. A place of splendor and wonder that is cause for inspiration and imagination among the Muses of Mnemosyne (the goddess of memory). The saltwater tank can be made of anything transparent and solid, such as glass or acrylic, and could be as small as a box on the table to as large as a marine water park in Hawaii. The parts of a tank such as the stand, the canopy and refugium can be but wooden columns below the crystal silicon glass of a round saltwater aquarium or as extravagant as underground machine houses, tucked below the vegetation of a saltwater marsh or pond in the backyard garden with a Japanese stone lantern with florescent lighting and a series of adjacent ponds that intertwine and connect through a sequence of cascading water falls and aqueducts. Equipment is the final aspect of marine biology labs such as those done in a tank, as the pumps, coolers, heaters, filters and such are what keep the fragile balance only done better by Nature herself.

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