SeaClear Junior Executive Aquarium Kit

SeaClear Junior Executive Aquarium Kit is a standard 29-gallon acrylic fish tank that will enhance the environment with the relaxing ambience of moving water.

Junior Exectuive Aquarium Kit is a low maintenance aquascape for those first time aquarists looking for a tried and tested tank/filtration structure that both looks good and sets the mood for profit.

29 Show Jr. Executive Kit measures 30 x 12 x 18 (77cm x 31cm x 46cm) and comes with the SeaClear System II filtration system carefully hidden for easy access in the background (Black, Clear or Cobalt Blue).

The filtration system includes mechanical, biological and chemical filter media, a heater and space for a protein skimmer (optional).

The manifold provides the kind of circulation any marine or freshwater aquarium needs to keep itself balanced and healthy, the most popular all in one SeaClear Junior Executive Aquarium Kit.

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Posted in Tanks on April 10, 2007.

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