SeaClear Rectangular Aquarium Combo

SeaClear Rectangular Aquarium Combo is a 40-gallon aquarium made of molecularly bonded acrylics with no glue or sealers, it is 4% clearer and 20% more insulated than other aquariums on the market today.

For saltwater, freshwater or reef environments, this stylish standard aquarium is available in clear, cobalt blue or black as desired and includes a hood for two light fixtures.

Both SeaClear and Clarity Plus are brand names of the CASCO Group, Inc. (California Aquarium Supply Corporation) and thus carry the Casco lifetime warranty.

Using only the clearest acrylic materials available, Casco aquariums are 17 times stronger and weigh less than half what a similar aquarium of glass would.

Safe, childproof rounded corners; Casco aquariums are flexible and will endure earthquake vibrations and the acrylic material maintains fewer temperature fluctuations (ideal for marine aquariums).

Casco aquariums are easily transported by two people, come with a contemporary style that is aesthetically pleasing and the heavy-duty ABS plastic with acrylic light plates on the hoods help keep moisture out.

Marine aquarists especially enjoy the high quality acrylics used in Casco aquariums, as they are impervious to the corrosive effects of saltwater and scratches can be easily polished out in just minutes, even after yeas of use.

SeaClear model 40 Regular Standard Aquarium measures 36 x 15 x 16 (92cm x 38cm x 41cm) and ships at 28 pounds, with the Casco promise for quality.

For the office, reception, meeting room, or just home use, SeaClear Rectangular Aquarium Combo is the perfect choice for a clear, lightweight and virtually unbreakable, leak proof 40-gallon marine or fresh water tank.

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Posted in Tanks on April 10, 2007.

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