Seaclear System 2 Aquariums

No matter if you are into saltwater or freshwater aquariums, Seaclear System 2 Aquariums come complete with everything ready to just unpackage, assemble, add fish, add gravel and display.

Like all CASCO products, Seaclear System II Aquariums are built to last a lifetime.

Made from acrylic that can easily polish scratches out, when resold, SeaClear System II Aquariums can sometimes go for more money than when they were brand new, and are so easy to repair that owners themselves can do it with a little know-how and a good friend over for the weekend.

Seaclear System 2 Aquariums include the following models with a length by width by height of:

  • 26 System II Aquarium Combo (36 x 12 x 16in. / 92 x 31 x 41cm)
  • 30 Show System II (36 x 12 x 16in. / 92 x 31 x 41cm)
  • 40 Regular System II (36 x 15 x 16in. / 92 x 38 x 41cm)
  • 50 Regular System II (36 x 15 x 20in. / 92 x 38 x 51cm)
  • 55 Flatback Hex System II (48 x 15 x 20in. / 122 x 38 x 51cm)
  • 65 Regular System II (48 x 15 x 20in. / 122 x 38 x 51cm)
  • 75 Regular System II (48 x 18 x 20in. / 122 x 46 x 51cm)
  • 75 Tall System II (48 x 15 x 24in. / 122 x 38 x 61cm)
  • 90 Tall System II (48 x 18 x 24in. / 122 x 46 x 61cm)
  • 100 Show System II (60 x 18 x 20in. / 153 x 46 x 51cm)
  • 125 Show System II (72 x 18 x 20in. / 183 x 46 x 51cm)
  • 125 Tall System II (60 x 18 x 24in. / 153 x 46 x 61cm)

System II Aquariums are ready to run, with the options of installing a heating/cooling system or the System II Protein Skimmer as needed for any given environmental conditions.

The lamplights do not come with the system because of the wide range of possibilities that entertain the light spectrum of aquariums, but the hooding and manifold are all included.

By consulting an expert, or with just a little research into the area of habitat to be recreated it is easy to determine the proper florescent bulbs to be installed.

SeaClear System II has a wet/dry filtration system already available in the back of the tank itself and can include, biological filtration, chemical, mechanical or any combination of all three systems.

Available in black, cobalt blue or clear, SeaClear System II uses a unique turbulence manifold that allows for excellent circulation throughout the entire aquarium, allowing for a better ready to run system.

No plumbing or noise, this all-in-one aquarium model just needs gravel, water, fish, a little loving care, and it will stay new for a lifetime.

The four way adjustable skimmer gate keep fish from entering the filter chamber, while a quick change prefilter makes cleaning a simple chore.

The Bio-Aire Driptray distributes water evenly over the biological filtration system while at the same time enhancing aeration, essential for fish survival.

With a high surface area for the biological media, air-injection nozzle, media tray for chemical and carbon filtration, 350 gallon per hour submersible pump that is complete with a turbulence manifold for higher quality circulation and a clear slot to view the sumps water level, this built-in ready to go system is one of the very best on the market.

Acrylic is seventeen times stronger than glass or other materials commonly used in aquarium manufacturing, and SeaClear System 2 Aquariums have a lifetime guarantee against leakage do to the use of acrylic materials, a sign that they are built with quality and good thinking.

SeaClear System 2 Aquariums come in the size consumers need for the display consumers are looking for, all that is needed to do is research what the client wants to put inside the.

With aquascaping, the clients imagination is the only limit, as SeaClear System 2 Aquariums do all the hard setup work already, owners can focus more on just research.

SeaClear System 2 Aquariums make aquascapes an almost ready done deal, just a little creativity, research and poof! A living waterscape.


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