Setting up a Tropical Aquarium Week by Week

Setting up a Tropical Aquarium Week by Week is an easy to follow instruction manual for first time tropical aquarium hobbyists that makes sure the fish your tank takes on; will most certainly survive (a rare thing for the novice in tropical freshwater setups).

Tropical aquarium fish are very sensitive and before just dumping the fish in (by filling up the tank with tap water and removing the chlorine), the tank needs to run for about two weeks to stabilize the environment.

Tropical freshwaters are very sensitive environments for sure.

These kinds of tips are exactly the kind of precautions that are taken by the professionals, and by following a weekly plan for setting up your tropical aquarium, your tank is sure to provide a memorable aquascape that inspires human dream.

Including encyclopedic references and step by step advice that make the setting up and introduction process to tropical aquarium hobbying fun, this easy to read book comes with superb photos that detail every step of the way, for both rectangle and curved aquariums alike.

Adding substrate, developing life-support systems and temperature balancing can all be done in a single week, but the process as a whole will take around eight weeks.

The profile sections come with fifty aquarium plants and more than a hundred popular warm freshwater fish that can be added in different stages.

This 208 page hardcover written by Stuart Thraves and published by firefly books in October of 2004 measures 10.1 x 8.5 x 0.8 inches and ships at 2lbs.

Setting up a Tropical Aquarium Week by Week is the perfect book if you are building your very first warm freshwater aquarium, teaching the value of patience and proving that anyone can do-it-themselves with the right advice.

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Posted in Books on May 9, 2007.

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