The Encyclopedia of Aquatic Life

The Encyclopedia of Aquatic Life is an advanced book for serious marine aquarists, with the passion for observation and the curiosity for understanding the secrets to Neptunes mystik realm of Atlantean splendor more closely.

This is a classic for saltwater aquarium libraries, it first came out more than twenty years ago, and the advanced information contained in this fully photographed and illustrated encyclopedia is essential to quick disambiguation and understanding of all manner of marine life.

Recommended reading for the middle-to-advanced level marine aquarist.

It has detailed observations on natural habitats, reproductive cycles, behaviors, classification, habits and body structure, with both excellent descriptions and inspirational essays that ranging from mammals, fish to invertebrates.

Presentation is what makes this book special, answering all those advanced questions quickly and precisely, with just a flip through the encyclopedias index or glossary and a single visual contact at the reference page, with photos and illustrations clearly outlined by concise knowledge and inspirational text.

Sidebars and qick-tips make interesting comments on the relative subject at hand, such as how tuna keep warm or the memory of flatworms.

Photographs are very clear with captions, and where a photograph cant get inside a fish, there are elaborate illustrations that detail anatomy, body features and even behaviors; basically, anything a photo cant get at.

Both Andrew Campbell and Keith Edward Banister, the editors of this compiled tome of undersea knowledge, were already experienced professionals at the time of the first publication of this classic, and have left us their most useful knowledge on each topic.

The passionthat inspired this encyclopedia has taken both of them to great success in the world of marine biology, Andrew Campbell even went on to compile a sequel encyclopedia recently with an even more advanced collection of undersea secrets called The New Encyclopedia of Aquatic Life in two volumes.

This 384-page hardcover, published by Checkmark books in November of 1985, measures 11.2 x 8.5 x 1.1 and ships at 3.4 lbs.

So be the question about dolphins, whales, marine fish, freshwater fish, coral, a search on life cycles, reproductive behavior, survival status, physical characteristics, or about any known aquatic life, this book covers all the major points, from fisheries, aquaculture to marine biology, with key knowledge and inspirational voice that stems from a passion that has endured a lifetime, teaching a whole generation.

A classic book for saltwater aquarium libraries, The Encyclopedia of Aquatic Life is a quick and middle-to-advanced reference manual for the serious marine aquarist with a passion for observation and the unending curiosity to explore the farthest depths of the sea, until every last secret is revealed, and the truth behind those Atlantean myths, made into fact.

By understanding the other, we better understand our own inner selves, The Encyclopedia of Aquatic Life is a key to unlocking that mystery, for a more enlightened tomorrow, that begins with you.

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Posted in Books on November 29, 2007.

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