The Giant Angler Frogfish

Orange Giant Angler Frog fish over bright coral reefThe Giant Angler Frogfish, (Antennarius Commerson) is among the anglers and frogfish because of the animals uncanny appearance. In some ways they are the coolest fish that exist.

This fish looks like a colored rock and can grow roughly 15 inches. It gives the illusion of being unsymmetrical. As if the fish were some Detective Comic cross-over from Bizarro Superman’s world, into that of our own.

But these fish are not a doppelganger of an imaginary reality. They are apart of real reality. They share the Earth with us.

Looking at this fascinating creature move about is always eye catching. Looking at the peculiar natural form is relaxing and can take ones mind from thinking to hard about other stresses. Mostly because from the basic human sense of symmetry; this animal appears to not be balanced.

Giant Anglerfish A.K.A Frogfish Video

This fish will give you something to watch and wonder about for many peaceful hours.

The nature of the animals temperament is somewhat forceful: But not as much so as some other types of fish. They are carnivorous fish.

The smallest recommended environment for this species is 100 gallons.

These fish blend in so well, that even when photographed as the centered colorful subject of a snapshot, they look like floating coral chunks from various angles.
The Species is inspirational, an is the physical representation of the Asian American proverb: The strong imagination imagines the truth.

Pull up a chair, sit back, watch, and wonder. The Giant, Antennarius Commerson Angler Frogfish is as one of natures many exceptions to a rule.

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Posted in Fish on November 21, 2008.

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