The Marine Aquarium Handbook

The Marine Aquarium Handbook is one of the best tutorial books in the hobby for the beginning aquarist looking to do some breeding of saltwater aquarium fish and help save those wild species still thriving in nature.

From clownfish and dottybacks to gobies, author Martin A. Moe is a marine biologist with the passion for marine aquarium handling and has made one of the most respected captive breeding businesses in the world, with contributions to the development of an enticing area of human experience.

If we are to become a more sustainable community on space station Earth, books like The Marine Aquarium Handbook will allow us to cut down on our ecological footprints, transforming the passionate hobbiest into a steward of the sea.

Preparing the pet industry-commerce for captive breeding only is never going to be a realistic goal, unless wild species begin to dwindle to the brink of extinction, or the truly passionate beginners are given the knowledge, tools and experience the professional have to breed these species at home.

More books like this one, could help us soon achieve an 80% c/b rate in just a few years, it all depends on how much individual effort the passionate hobbiest is willing to put into protecting the wild relatives of their most prized marine aquatic inhabitants, and Matin Moe is a man who has dedicated his life to cutting that effort in half.

This 318-page paperback written by renowned marine biologist, Martin A. Moe, most recently published by Green Turtle in 1992, measures 8.4 x 5.5 x 0.8 and ships at 1lb.

Really getting to know the breeding habits of our aquatic cousins below the sea, is not just the general topic of The Marine Aquarium Handbook, a true masterpiece, but the objective is to transform the beginner into an expert breeder effectively and quickly contributing to the wild preservation of those rare fish still free.

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Posted in Books on November 7, 2007.

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