The Reef Aquarium Book Volume 3

The Reef Aquarium Book Volume Three is a comprehensive manual for any aquarium hobbyist, covering essential information about the latest cutting edge technology as well as the need to know basics for the novice.

If you are pondering buying this book its because you are one of the do it yourself type aquarists.

That’s where it gets better: this book is not merely a list of equipments and dos and not dos. This book brings you into the science of reef-building.

That is, it provides you with critical reviews of the different philosophical approaches, designs and a precise description of the science that involves the application of engineering. Including product technology that duplicates the specific environment behind the creation of a captive reef.

And because of its precise information on all the physical requirements to create and maintain a reef aquarium, this book is also on the shelf of coral reef researchers who study, create, and enjoy coral reef ecosystems in the confines of an aquarium.

If you are a novice with the passion to become what the authors call techno-type reefers this is the book you will devour and savor from cover to cover and it will also save you money, time and those agonizing frustrations of looking for information in the back of products and finding nothing very reassuring.

The Reef Aquarium Book Volume Three is a guide that illuminates the world of the reef aquarist without taking away the pleasure of experimenting the pleasure of seeing something you are building live.

This hardcover saltwater aquarium manual was written by Julian Sprung and Charles Delbeek, it covers the latest in technological trends and tips for first time hobbyists.

At 680 pages, measuring 9.3 x 7.1 x 1.4 inches and shipping at 3.9 pounds; The Reef Aquarium Book published by Two Little Fishes, Inc. will complete any saltwater aquarium hobbyists library.

When you look at your aquarium reef you can capture a glance of the magic of creation and The Reef Aquarium Book will make that experience grow even deeper through the inspiration of knowledge and the confidence from people who know about todays saltwater aquarist.

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Posted in Books on May 9, 2007.

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