Toilet Tank Aquarium

Fish n Flush toilet tank aquarium was designed to make the bathroom experience in any home a far more relaxing one, putting a saltwater or freshwater fish tank together with a transparent toilet flush water box.

Toilet Tank AquariumThe toilet tank aquarium is a two-piece box, the transparent inner part is the flush water reservoir while the fish tank is wrapped around the reservoir, creating the illusion that it is your fish tank water emptying and refilling automatically.

In reality, it is a toilet tank and an aquarium, blended together to create this optical illusion that makes Fish n Flush so unique, recommended for those who enjoy bringing further relaxation to an already relaxing bathroom environment.

A fish tank on top of the toilet has been an idea in use for some time now, due to the therapeutic and relaxing nature of aquarium environments, but this is a revolution in plumbing aesthetics.

Fish n Flush Video

Fish n Flush toilet tank aquarium is a great way to liven up your home, helping people take their waste water seriously, and awakening them to the true destination of blackwater; this is just one more step for our nation, along the arduous road to self-reliance.


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Posted in Tanks on June 15, 2007.

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