Undersea Encounter Aquarium

The Undersea Encounter Aquarium by Uncle Milton is compact interactive fish aquarium with a built-in rotating viewing scope, just like on submarines, but for looking into the depths of Neptunes waters, not above the surface as conventionally done.

The surface-to-depth scope gives a close-up look at live fish, swimming around in an enchanted and mysterious underwater kingdom that humans only dream of traveling to.

Undersea Encounter AquariumThe vented lid has an ocean surface view, the back has a 3-D undersea ambience, gravel is built in, a volcano lets bubbles rise for oxygenation of the water and it is a compact size, only one and a half gallons.

An air pump and gravel are recommended to avoid lots of frequent cleaning and recommended fish include betas, guppies and goldfish, perfect for ages 6 and up.

Undersea Encounter Aquarium is great for those children looking to understand a little more about that fascinating place of underwater enchantment they have heard so much about in bedtime stories and seen in movies and would enjoy firsthand knowledge about.

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Posted in Tanks on June 15, 2007.

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