Wall Airstone

A wall airstone is a great way to enhance the oxygen in your aquarium tank, enhance the wall behind the tank, and create a dynamic effect that is pleasant.

Magical worlds below the sea, enchanted kingdoms of sea elves or mermaids that save the lives of sailors or lure them into the sea with voices of silk, the effects created in the aquarium spur the human imagination and open the soul to a realm of dream.

Airstones help oxygen blend back into the water faster; just simple waterfall filtration usually will not maintain the proper oxygen levels larger tanks need, especially when you have a tank full of splendid fish.

The length can be adjusted with a razor, by cutting the material at any point to shorten or divide, or joined by other bubble wall airstones with an enclosed connector at one end.

Each of these 28 inch aquarium wall airstones from Penn Plax Inc is half an inch in diameter and includes suction cups for attaching at any height of the aquarium wall, usually near the floor of your tank and each ships at 2.4 ounces.

The Bubble Wall creates a magical portal mist of bubbles that are evenly distributed through a fine, super-porous, non-clogging bubble wall airstone that sits along the bottom of the aquarium tank, keeping fish healthy, enchanting the mind and allowing that endless wellspring of human imagination flow.

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Posted in Accessories on January 28, 2008.

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