Yellow Tang

Yellow TangThe Yellow Tang (Zebrasoma flavescens) is a bright daffodil yellow surgeon fish, considered to be a hardy tank dweller, with an arrow like shape that makes them a prize to be had among both new and veteran marine aquarists the world over.

Found between 30 degrees North and 30 degrees South on any tropical reef environment around the world, Zebrasoma flavescens is most commonly known as the Yellow Tang and is the main marine aquarium export fish from Hawaii.

Benthic turf algae and other marine plant materials are the sustenance of these hardy tropical reef dwellers who can be found anywhere from 1 to 60 meters below the ocean/lagoon surface, showing a preference for 2-40m and also enjoy providing cleaning services upon the shells of marine turtles.

Adult Yellow Tangs will grow to between 6 to 8 inches in length and anywhere from half an inch to three fourths of an inch in width.

Yellow Tang are considered a hardy fish, able to survive up to 40 years in the wild, although they require at least 80 gallons to 150 gallons or more to stay healthy, as they are susceptible to most common tank bourn diseases.

The tank should maintain a stable temperature anywhere between 75.2-82.4 degrees, the pH balance needs to stay at 8.0-8.4, the recommended degrees of carbonate hardness range between dKH 8-12 and the specific gravity should remain between sg 1.020-1.025.

Zebrasoma flavescens is a Semi-aggressive species, requiring an abundant amount of hiding/sleeping places (especially live rock), in order to feel safe, and may do battle over these kinds of territory if enough are not provided.

While the Achilles Tang, Blue Tang, Eels, Lionfish, Cardinalfish and large Clownfish all make good tank mates for Zebrasoma flavescenes, invertebrates are sure to be safe from their temper at not finding a good hiding spot.

The Yellow Tang (Zebrasoma flavescenes) is a beautiful saltwater fish that thrives around the world upon tropical reefs and in lagoons, they will eat a variety of prepared fish foods in the tank environment, especially meaty algae, and if well kept, can live for years in a reef aquarium and still bring inspiration to both the beginning and advanced saltwater aquarist alike.

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